Who/What is Van Essen Patent?


Our mission is to protect your ownership of your patent and to make the most of your intellectual property. A patent can be made valuable in many ways. We like to help you to explore your options. Either to produce, to investigate in a possible co-operation with an other company or to license your patent.
Peter van Essen already has a trackrecord in all kinds of patents
Peter van Essen worked in this field for well over 20 years. We are specialized in patents in the disciplines of physics, mechanics and chemistry, with themes like energy, renewables, food, nanotech, packaging, (micro)reactors and optics. The firm uses state of the art and worldwide used patent management software. VAN ESSEN PATENT is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, at about an hours drive from the European Patent Office, the Dutch Patent Office (NL Octrooicentrum) and the Dutch Patent Court in The Hague.

We provide the following services

We provide patent strategy advice and assist in acquiring patent rights and in opposing or nullifying rights of other parties. Furthermore, they advice in avoiding infringement and assist in infringement proceedings. To discover potential intellectual property (IP) opportunities and threats, the attorneys can perform IP audits. We provide intellectual property workshops and lectures for decision makers and research scientists, to make them aware of the chances and pitfalls of intellectual property rights. Furthermore, they assist in setting up (corporate) patent strategies. In this way, the patent attorneys transform knowledge of the clients into value and transferable assets and improve their clients’ competitive position.


We believe that solid IP advice and IP products are created in close collaboration with the client and in an atmosphere of trust. The patent attorneys of VAN ESSEN PATENT give clear advice and will not hesitate to warn you for unrealistic expectations.
For the prosecution of patent applications other than Dutch, European or PCT, the firm collaborates with patent firms all over the world. These patent firms are selected based on criteria of quality and experience. Likewise, for trademarks, designs and patent litigation, the firm collaborates with specialized experts.


When you are looking for a personal and thorough approach, for patent attorneys who have a no-nonsense B2B approach, for a new supplier or a second supplier, or a (new) gateway to Europe, please contact us and we can discuss what we can do for you to bring the value of your enterprise to a higher level.

There is a lot we can say about the way we work. To say it in short: we are taylors.
We learned over the years that every case is different and therefore needed a custom approach. So, if you want to know more about how we work and attack an opportunity or problem just let us know.