Storing sustainably generated energy


Field of the invention

Ecovat is a large subterranean buffer tank filled with water, which is used for storing heat and cold for use later on. By storing the sustainably generated energy surplus and using it in times of scarcity, renewable energy is used in an optimal way.

Summary of the invention

By connecting the Ecovat to a residential district for example, you create a year-round sustainable energy supply. This offers the possibility of setting up the entire energy system in a flexible way, so that a network administrator can put in the district as a controllable user. Thus, from an energy storage system Ecovat will transform into a total energy system.


The invention provides an underground thermal energy storage having a shape selected from substantially cylindrical and an n-gonal prism, having an axial direction that in use is vertical, and comprising an inner volume for holding a liquid, said energy storage device comprising a peripheral outer wall, a peripheral inner wall around said inner volume, and a filling layer between said inner wall and said outer wall, said inner wall comprising a series of modular wall parts provided with a heat exchanger for exchanging thermal energy with said liquid, said modular wall parts arranged in rings and said modular wall parts each having opposite radial surfaces that are in use vertical, an inner tangential surface contacting said inner volume, an outer tangential surface directed towards said outer wall, and opposite axial surfaces that are in use horizontal, said modular wall parts comprising an elastic sealing between a joint of adjacent radial surfaces for limiting liquid flow between the inner volume and the filling layer and taking up thermal expansion of the modular wall parts, and said filling layer comprising an insulating layer extending over at least part of a height of the underground energy storage, having an R value designed for providing said outer wall at a temperature of below 30°C when said inner volume is at a temperature of at least 90°C, and a structural layer for maintaining said insulating layer and said prefab inner wall parts in position.

Ecovat believes in a future that depends on a 100% sustainable energy system. Comfortable, reliable and affordable for the current generation, without it being at the expense of future generations.

This transition will go hand in hand with a strong increase in fluctuating energy generation. Large discrepancies between supply and demand will arise.

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